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What's new on campus, the whispers that pass through the hallway. This is a student run, student made paper that is filled with the important information students need to know. Underground and unsupervised, we're here to tell you the details on all your favorite dramas!

Issue 1 - January 28th, 2018

Humans, a Minority?

Editorial, Opinion

FRONT GATE — Looks like another bus has pulled up outside the gates of Sunnybrook Academy. As they have been the past few months, coming at all hours of the day, armed guards escorting new students onto campus. There's something different about this last batch of voluntarily admitted kids. Well, the fact that most of them are barely human.

You may have noticed them around the school. People with odd colors in their skin, or parts of them that look a little too animal. Take for example, that one stitched girl. She might be made up of human parts, but that isn't exactly enough to make someone a human. It's starting to show that in our student population, being human isn't what it's all about.

At the end of it, you have to wonder, who cares? We're all a little bit weird here. That's what makes us all unique. I for one, welcome our new brothers and sisters with open arms. They may not pass as human, but would any of us want to? No, we're all more than just that. We're more than petty squabbling little people who can't look past the differences of others. We're the new generation, the next great step. We should be proud of that at least.


Written by - The Mental Environmentalist - Editor in Chief

Our Cold Front is Back

Students, Slice of Life

DORMS — You might not know her, but you've probably seen her work. Eira Skadi, Sunnybrook's very own ice princess, has re-appeared about a long dissapearance. Heard running through the hallways and causing a general disturbance, this frosty fiend has been hard at work causing trouble to make up for her time away.

She is most well known for her work last month, when she was instrumental in causing the first great snow storm of Sunnybrook Academy. Some may always remember her work in some of the great snowball fights of the year. Whether you love, or hate, the snow there's no denying that you've been affected by this spunky girl. Welcome back Eira!

Written by - Peachy Pandora - Lead Writer

Experiments On Campus

Sunnybrook, Global Watch Unit

SOCCER FIELD — Ever wonder exactly what those buildings at the back of campus have in them? If you ask a member of the staff they're likely to tell you it's just for equipment storage or to mind your own business. After some rumors of students being taken to one of the large outbuildings earlier this month we decided to investigate.

From what our field reporters have been able to take away, it seems that at least one of the buildings has been converted into a battle arena. Meant to test students in a fight against each other and the supernatural, all for the entertainment of the staff. While no one is reported to have been killed, we are reported injuries and mental anguish from these experiments. Yes, they're experiments, that's the only way to put it.

We urge any and all students to not cooperate with the staff in these matters, do not follow them to weird buildings, and definitely do not do their bidding. Just because it's their school, doesn't mean we have to play by their rules. No justice, no peace.

Written by - Anne Arkey - Political Correspondent

Issue 2 - Feburary 11th, 2018

Killing Kids

Editorial, Opinion

FRONT OFFICE — For immediate release to all students! Our paper has recently been given by a reputable source documents taken from the Global Watch Unit themselves. The documents list information collected by the GWU about students, their powers, and in some cases the extreme methods of their control! Attached to this issue you will find a copy of a document detailing the extreme pacification techniques they wished to use on our own fellow student, Lilith Al'Khoury.

Students may recall her daring escape from the facility, as guards fired their weapons at the defenseless little girl scared for her life. In broad daylight they shot her, in front of all of us students. Now we can see why she risked life and death to get out of here. Now they've added electric wire and more towers to control us and keep us penned in like animals. The next time you feel safe here and think you can trust the staff, remember these facts. If they would do that to Lilith, what does the GWU have planned for the rest of us?

Written by - The Mental Environmentalist - Editor in Chief

Angels and Demons

Student Life, Commentary

DORM HALLS — Was that a shuddering whimper down the hall? It might not just be your imagination, there's rumors that there's a little demon haunting our halls. Don't get worried, she seems to only be seeking the pleasure of others. Reports indicate the new girl loves to be touched and proded and doing so will make her cry in pleasure. You probably have heard her sounds quite loudly throughout the day. Look for the cute bat wings to meet Claire, this new local celebrity.

On the other end of it, you might have taken a glance at the new girl floating down the halls. Nadia, as her name has been reported to us, seems to be more than just a normal girl. She fell from heaven! This girl loves to get close to others and can make your worries go away, check out her own adorable wings. See if you can get her to open her eyes when she's walking around!

Written by - Candy Candice - People Writer

Issue 3 - July 9th, 2018

Renaissance Production Rumors

Students, Event Gossip

SCHOOL — There have recently been reports and rumors from anonymous students about a possible Renaissance Production coming up in a few weeks, it's not confirmed but the rumors have seemed to spread like wild-fire around Sunnybrook's campus! It's completely possible this was a leak from teachers to collect hype and get students excited, who knows!

We're not completely sure which teachers are planning this event, but speculation shows that some assume the school's art teach, Mrs. Leurgans, and another unknown teacher may be responsible for this production. Some students are even already planning on getting on the act as soon as it's confirmed by teachers and sign-ups are posted.

Written by - Candy Candice - People Writer

Recent boom in Clubs?

Students, Opinion

SCHOOL — We've recently realized the new upcoming popular clubs that have popped up around the Sunnybrook campus, including the LGBT+ Society and the Welcome to Sunnybrook Club. We've heard from reports that the LGBT+ Society has been hugely popular with students, with the highest member count among all of the clubs. Even the president, Katlyn LeBlanc, has been called rather active when it comes to the club, at least compared to others, even having hosted a recent Pride Week, with music, fun and a chance to donate to an amazing cause.

If you haven't already seemed to notice, there are a few rather obvious non-sanctioned 'clubs'. If you haven't heard, or even haven't visited the Shrine yet, you'll know about our school Kami, if you're into that, Akemi Kimura. Go visit her shrine, or talk to the girl goddess yourself, maybe she'll tell you all about her two Mikus!

Written by - Mine Mellow - People Writer in Training

School Activities

Entertainment, Knowledge

Keep your eyes peeled students! There are new activities coming soon to our school.

  • The Arena - Test your skills against fellow students, train your abilities, and fight for fun! School sanctioned and cash rewards for winners.
  • Spring Fling - Dance time! Get your cutest outfit and how you can ask someone other than Sariel out to this dancefloor event in the cafeteria.
  • Hiking Expedition - Day long hikes guided by staff that are sure to make you fall even more in love with the mountains around school.
  • Field Day - It's time to sign up for a team and get ready for summer sports! Come try your hand and find your spot.

Dates and locations will be posted in the front office.

Written by - Ambassador Aaron - School Correspondent

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