The Basement

The basement acts as a permanent store house for entities and artifacts that are of little threat and a temporary store house for more dangerous entities as they are being moved to more qualified facilities. Certain sections are open to students that do not have negative marks. Some of these anomalies include but are not limited to;

What's In The Basement?

A bottle of 300 182 pills that cures most minor human ailments. It has gone missing as of late if you know the location please return it to a containment staff member as soon as possible. [MISSING]

A a series of 73 pastel colored balls of puffy cotton that will roll towards any life despite being void of any technological or biological components.

A perfect amazing Pearl that is mine! MINE DAMMIT (The messages spirals off into nonsense). Has been stolen. again, please return if at all possible. [MISSING]

A man that does every action in reverse including eating, breathing, and speaking, yet is somehow synced up to our timeline. Children, please refrain from asking the man or staff on how he defecates.

A cat that is in a fixed point in space 1 foot above the ground. Limbs including the head are movable. Has a regular feeding schedule and a semi regular petting schedule.

A raven, seemingly sentient that speaks in misquoted lines from the poet Edgar Allen Poe.

Chipper, the blue hole in space. It can go through solid objects, it also likes eating red lights and saxophone. It chirps in Morse code. General Bryce threw whisky at it, effects are still unknown. The liquid it spews tastes like fruit punch and lemon. The square variant has been dubbed Fairy Mom by Rose

12 stones that reveal if someone is telling the truth. Each can only be used once a month.

A green glowing gem that changes density as you move it. IF you break it, the explosion will kill everyone in a 250 mile radius.— Has been moved to another facility. [MISSING]

A comedic Jester's hat that makes you feel extremely mischievous, but also giving limited reality bending powers(?) Most who use it are controlled by the overwhelming urge to play pranks. Has recently been stolen, if seen please return. DO NOT WEAR. [MISSING]

An eerie mask with branch like horns. When worn by a student it caused a massive party leading to the most epic twerk off of the century. True nature unknown [MISSING]

A small gray rock that increases the rate of plant growth around it

A small red bow that reacts to skin contact by wrapping around the wearer and giving them a feeling of insatiable hunger.

A long broadsword that when held gives users visions and hallucinations. The blade is dull and heavy, while the hilt is horribly mangled. The visions do not cease when put down and are viewed in dreams to an upwards of 6 days. Dubbed Dreamer by Arnold

A magic wand looking item that increases the supernatural powers of anyone who wields it, however side effects include nausea, headaches, and a supreme case of the munchies. Was dubbed Jacker by Eye of Infinity member Drake Dakka. [MISSING]

A large crab that can manipulate a person's weight such as halving it or doubling it. In exchange it either aids your mind to make up for the lost weight or impedes it, it's not hostile but horribly stupid. Being as smart as a crab means it does not realize the consequences of its actions, it's effects can be reversed if you ask it nicely

A large computer that will, at random, display a name and words that sometime makes nonsense and occasional limericks. It has been concluded that this smooth stone edifice displays the thoughts a the psychotically insane. Normally, those in asylums.

A single flute, resembling a black recorder, like the kind you're given in grade school and forced to learn how to play despite how much you complain. On the very end of the flute there is a purple silk fabric of sorts that hangs and cannot be taken off. Experiments have shown that it attracts the opposite gender of the player, only ages seven to sixteen can hear the song of the flute at all, adults and the same gender of the player cannot hear it at all despite further tests on it given different circumstance. The influence of the flute can entirely be resisted if a person's mental defense is high enough. Has been missing since the Jester Hat incident regarding Bloom, Finn. [MISSING]

Three kitchen utensils that speak. A ladle, spatula and pair of chopsticks. The two chopsticks seemingly are constantly bickering, and go completely silent when separated, they're usually arguing about if it's normal for someone to use chopsticks to eat popcorn. The ladle has been the most calm of all three of the utensils, only speaking in rhyme and sometimes just going quiet, besides a few snoring sounds. The last utensil is a spatula that seemingly acts very motherly, well, more so in the way of constant nagging.

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