The Bitch and the Beast

Scene between Jan, played by ThePolice, and Stacy played by UltimixRed.
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16:26 FakemixRed Jan is currently in a windowless room, sitting on a couch, surrounded by what looks to be children's toys such as legos and wind up cars. It looks like a rather normal place for psychological introspection, with the exception that Jan is currently wearing a patch and there are armed guards behind the door.
16:27 ThePolice Jan stares, as he has been doing, with a distant look towards his feet, from his seat.
16:28 FakemixRed A woman in a white dress shirt along with khaki pants sits across from you, she is currently holding a clipboard and smoking. Her eyes look like they could cut a rock with their intensity, and you see a hunting knife sheathed to her side.
16:30 ThePolice Jan slowly comes out of his stupor, a shine flashing through the distant look, and he leans slowly back on the couch. He eyes up the woman in front of him, and the cigarette in the ashtray at her side. He passes his eyes back up from the smoldering deadness, it is too painful to see, and back towards the woman. He tries to match her steely gaze, but crumbles
16:31 ThePolice easily, his will still in thorough disarray, settling in a pained frown.
16:31 FakemixRed The woman takes out the cigarette and gives a harsh frown, "So are you aware of the ramifications of the stunt you pulled Mr.Torrez?"
16:34 ThePolice Some where, the words register in his mind, and he stumbles trying to put them together, a blurr of pain and trauma striking him hard as he recalls his breakdown. He winces as he does so, still trying desperately to keep his gaze on par with hers. If he were in a better state he would berate himself for showing such weakness, but the still lingering numbness
16:35 ThePolice Fights him. He cant bring himself to care, trapped in his own pity. He doesn't say anything for an extended beat, before managing to assemble himself. "I don't care how hard it is to clear the ash from the yard." He says plainly, no emotion ringing through.
16:37 FakemixRed The woman looks irked at his reply,and she takes a puff of the cigarette before replying. "You've disrupted the order of this facility and endangered lives for what amounts to a temper tantrum."
16:38 ThePolice He wants to sneer. He wants to break down the walls of her mind, and torture her with the things that haunted her as a child. To dissect her as she screams in agony. The thoughts bring a warm smile to his face as he looks distant again, enjoying them. But there is no time for such petty things. "What therapist degrades her subject? Or am I forgetting you are
16:39 ThePolice a boot jack, and as military as the men who hide behind their scopes in the yard?"
16:40 FakemixRed The woman gives a chuckle that feels like a wave of miasma flows around the walls. "If you would like to fight one of our soldiers in CQC then be my guest. I am no therapist, he is out today, I am a disciplinary measure."
16:43 ThePolice He nods slowly, his pleasant smile still gleaming. 'Of course she is.' He rests his hands, now nearly healed on themselves in his lap, and stares back at her. "Discipline me, you grim dominatrix. I'm sure Im not the first bad boy you enjoyed laying the law upon." He says, a hint of perversion, and a heap of mocking reeking in his retort.
16:43 ThePolice "I wont appologize for ruining the lawn."
16:46 FakemixRed "Look Mr.Torrez, you threatened students. You also used your powers on other students for malicious purposes. This place is already on the tip of collapse as there are plenty forces who would rather you be used for things much crueler than forcing you to take Algebra." The woman says while pulling out a tablet
16:50 ThePolice Jans smile doesn't falter, the words he already understands repeated for a second time, this time to his face, no more hurtful than when he first heard them. "There is no hiding the nature of this place. As an experiment or as a soldier, I am still already in chains." He looks deeply into her face as she reads her tablet. "Do what you came here to do. The
16:50 ThePolice ashes still fill the yard, and trying to make me aware of the obvious wont scare me."
16:53 FakemixRed The woman sighs before putting out her cigarette and she stares into Jan's eyes before moving toward the door and after some whispering, has something slid through a panel. It's a brown package that she holds with disgust. "Calling yourself a soldier or experiment sure is undermining those titles Mr.Torrez."
16:56 ThePolice Jan takes the insult in stride. He heard much worse at home, from people with far more meaning than this paper pushing bitch, let alone the school. "Tell me, if it suits your fancy. How did you know I summoned an ash storm in the yard? I'm sure there are plenty of freaks here who can pull similar stunts."
16:56 ThePolice "Or is this all on some pretense of guilt, where you ply an apology and a promise to be a good little slave from my tongue?"
16:57 FakemixRed While holding the box her arm seems to be in a rather uncomfortable looking position yet she doesn't seem to notice. "Its not hard to put two and two together from the footage our lovely informant provided. This place is a hope for humanity to coexist with the anomalies, if we need to terminate you, it's not a wink off my nights."
17:00 ThePolice His smiles deepens. "Its funny you say that. Given you don't sleep all that well." He sighs softly, leaning back into the couch and staring at the box in her hands. "But I'm sure you can make quite the case, that you rationalize what you do, and who you work for as some greater good." He pauses again, staring at her features. "Putting children in a
17:01 ThePolice concentration camp, and playing gestapo with them when they break the rules."
17:01 FakemixRed (is he just making shit up with the sleeping bit?)
17:01 ThePolice (Absolutely)
17:02 ThePolice (He did it before with the doctor in golds scene earlier)
17:02 FakemixRed (just making sure you aren't using your powers)
17:03 ThePolice (Nothing like inflicting a little pain and fear, that he can escape whatever experimental sensors and filters are in place.)
17:03 FakemixRed The woman seems to ponder a bit before saying, "Gestapo eh? well you're not doing slave labor and our gas chamber is currently broken due to that damn Theatre teacher so no we're not playing Gestapo."
17:05 ThePolice Jan doesn't laugh at the grim humor. His mind drawing back from its own misery, puts its tired self to work building a profile. "I see you are still here. Still talking to me, even with your present there. Its obvious you aren't just here to pass judgment. Why don't you stop lying doctor." His smile grows again, "Where did you get your degree, some military
17:06 ThePolice school out of state? I hope they pay you well."
17:07 FakemixRed The woman retakes her seat and seems to inspect her nails. "They do pay me well, though as said previously I'm not the therapist. I guess I should add hearing loss with your list of issues for the books to take care of."
17:10 ThePolice "Well then they over pay you. You aren't very good at what you do. But you already know that don't you? Is that why they have you here?" He says waving a hand at the office. At this he leans forward now, leaning his hands on his knees. "Dealing with pricks like me instead of giving you a real assignment. Picking the brains of scared children cant be too
17:10 ThePolice challenging." He says, again ignoring her poor attempts at insult.
17:12 FakemixRed The woman looks as if she's starting to get bored so she starts unwrapping the package to reveal Bud.
17:12 ThePolice "How easy is it? To make some already snot nosed kid, terrified and ripped from their parents cry? Does it make you feel good? What does that say about you?" Again, his smile grows. "Are you sure you shouldn't take this couch, and let me pick your concience for what makes you such a terrible person?"
17:14 ThePolice Jans smile dies as he looks at Bud. Some terrible reckoning driving up again in his heart.
17:14 FakemixRed The woman starts tossing Bud up in the air like it was a ball she was juggling. "Finally you shut up."
17:16 ThePolice Jans eyes follow bud as he flies. He hears the screaming again. He goes cold, some chill of fear slipping his frantic grasp to contain it, his face falling to that old neutral mask he chooses to wear when emotion pains him too greatly to bother.
17:17 FakemixRed The woman is now tossing it back and forth between her hands, and she simply gives a cold stare at Mr.Torrez.
17:18 ThePolice "This isn't funny." He says, the words creeping out as lifeless as the last words of a corpse on its deathbed. His eyes follow Bud as this disgusting creature fondles his fur in front of him. "Bud is dead."
17:19 ThePolice The cold sweat starts, climbing his back, that numbness returning, his already sleep bereft eyes somehow darkening further.
17:19 FakemixRed "Good to see you understand the severity of human life." She says with a nonchalant tone
17:22 ThePolice The coldness grows, and continues to do so for a long time, even as the woman plays with Buds corpse, speaking those evil words to taunt and injure. If he weren't as clever as he was he would miss the swift turning of the tables. "What is that, a-and how did you get it?" That desperate fear, now forced by ripe, stinking rage from his gut, into his voice.
17:23 ThePolice Even as he finishes speaking the rage forces adrenaline into him, and the thick, disgusting metallic taste of rage fills his mouth. "This cant be real." He spits, a furious scowl crossing him.
17:23 FakemixRed "I simply had one of those so called freaks as you say help me to retrieve it. Stranger things happen you know?" She says with a full on laugh that feels like a thousand shining needles
17:25 ThePolice A twinge, some distant realization wiping away the last hidden creches of their stock of fear. Loathing and bridled, simmering hatred builds, even as his mind races at the implications. If that is Bud, and he isn't moving, isn't talking, as he did in those long days in the yard, away from the servants and his parents, then he must still be dying, although
17:26 ThePolice revived temporarily by his captors sickening whims. He searches desperately, weighing his odds, that he can find a way to save him before he fades again.
17:26 ThePolice He cant stand to weigh the odds, his own deepening remorse stealing his thoughts from him. "What do you want from me?" he says at last, breaking the trance.
17:29 FakemixRed "Your friend sure has some odd minds. They're are hanging by a thread, it's a wonder what things you can accomplish with a few favors and access to a whole slew of anomalous children." She says while giving a thoughtful nod
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17:32 ThePolice Nausea nearly overlaps his rage as she plays him, how much really escapes their gaze he wonders above the shrieking ocean of his hatred. "If hes real and this isn't some game of yours, let me hold him." He forces, his scowl receding somewhat, his brow breaking like a wave upon rocks. "I wont make a deal on some false pretense."
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17:34 FakemixRed The woman smirks and tosses him the bear, (you gotta roll to check it) "The wonders anomalies can accomplish is what made me work her in the first place."
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17:36 FakemixRed Jan is able to tell that the bear is indeed not his friend, it is a mere fake, yet somehow made from the same things the original was
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17:39 ThePolice A rush, more chilled thoughts flowing, and with such rapidness that they nearly outpace themselves. Silently, and in the blink of an eye plans are made. In the waking world Jan stares longingly into false Buds deepening eyes, seeing the fractured an false glimmer of his dead friend. With some effort, he draws thoughts of bud as he died in his hands, of the
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17:41 ThePolice sorrows he felt as Lilith nearly destroyed herself in front of the crowd, and his own desperation to spare her. Thick tears force themselves from him, and he clutches Buds doppleganger close to his chest, as he lets himself weep again, his already tear injured, and sleepless eyes paining him as he does so. He shakes with the motions of his true pain. Hoping
17:42 ThePolice desperately his captor does not have the grand mind to parse its source.
17:43 ThePolice He turns slowly, from the warm, soft comfort of his false friend to look at her, his true malice, and ultimate soul obliterating hatred shining through his glare. "What do you want for him?"
17:43 FakemixRed "I see I finally got a decent reaction. Now i'm going to bring someone in and have you talk to her, and after that I shall decide your punishment." She says as she walks toward the door and whispers
17:44 FakemixRed She opens the door to reveal Sara, who she gives a warm smile and a pat on the shoulder and says, "You're up, give him your best shot, not literally of course."
17:44 SirGoldFish Sara walks through the door, looking a bit confused. . "You wanted something Ms. Corentine?"
17:45 FakemixRed "I simply would like you to have a chat with Mr.Torrez, all right?" She says, her voice dripping with amusement
17:46 SirGoldFish "Mmmm, okay." She sits, facing Jan with a small grimace. "Hello…" Jan can hear the Ticking ringing in his head.
17:49 ThePolice Thoughs race faster now, in that deep place, old stones, drawing up from the foaming red ocean, assembling first a platform, and then a yard. Objects dredged, water logged from the once frigid waters. Old plans are in never vain, he whimsically thinks to himself. Waking Jan, barely draws himself up from from Bud, staring, with no small feat of stamina, at
17:49 ThePolice the bitch and her beast.
17:50 SirGoldFish *TICK* *TICK* *TICK* The ticks seemingly get louder the more slilence there is.
17:52 ThePolice He stares for an extended beat at her revolting face, his tears slowing themselves, even as they continue to fall to NotBuds quickly soaking coat. He barely forces himself to speak. "What do you wan't?" He says with a sneer, fully aware of his captors childish plans.
17:55 ThePolice In that distant place, gargantuan marble and cobbled walls assembled beneath waves of displeasure rise from the mire, and take their places. The yard growing again, as shards of molten glass skitter from the waters to fill empty panes, approaches the appearance of a familiar place.
17:57 SirGoldFish "I was just asked to come in after I did all my work, and then Corentine told me to talk to you." She twirls the curls of her golden blonde hair for awhile. "I guess… I would like to know why you do all these things when you saw me and why you hurt all those people." She says the last parts very matter of factly.
18:00 ThePolice Jan, taking a seat upon a tarnished throne, smiles to himself bemusedly. Waking Jan however, for his part keeps his calm, or rather lack of one, sputtering in defiance and rage. "Because you a are a soulless monster, dredged by similar demons to torture the living. And I didn't FUCKING HURT ANYONE!" He screams, holding false bud so hard to himself it hurts.
18:01 ThePolice His tears return to their full strength, rage well counted, spent and circulated passing through his injured body. He shakes harder.
18:01 FakemixRed "According to this you gave two students burns so you did." Ms.Corentine says in a flat tone
18:02 ThePolice "FUCK YOU!" He shouts, his waking mind shaken, and shattered by vibrant rage.
18:02 SirGoldFish She merely blinks a few times at the first sentence "I saw the burns… they looked unpleasant. The consenus in the halls is that you are the monster."
18:04 ThePolice Jan shakes, a disheveled seemingly uncontrolled mess. sweeping himself deeper into plummeting depths. Laughter slowly covers the ebbing screams. "DONT YOU FUCKING TALK TO ME! THE DEAD HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE THE LIVING!" He again exclaims, his gut wretching again as he looks Sara in the eyes. He visibly gags, momentarily interrupting his physical and apparent
18:04 ThePolice agony/
18:12 SirGoldFish She blinks a few more times. "I think there is evidence that I am not dead. Between the kindness that people have shared with me and my own autonomy. If you think I can not judge then perhaps you should hear what others have to say about you. It's not plesant."
18:17 SirGoldFish Jan expels the contents of whatever he's had thus far onto Sara's dress.
18:17 ThePolice Jan convulses hard as he watches Sara talk. Her unnatural features calling some instinct to purge himself awake. Normally he would have no time for such a display, but plans require conviction. He edges himself closer, thoughts of his dead classmate dredging up, the smell of blood, and of death. The results are effective, as he feels his bile rise, one final
18:19 ThePolice gag forcing itself before he vomits on Sara. Through tears and bile, he stutters and cries, "Y-you a-re, dis-guhsting, you fucking m-monster…"
18:20 FakemixRed "I hate it when they get messy, Clean up on aisle 4!" The woman says in a joking manner
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18:30 SirGoldfish "…I am not a mirror, Torrez. May I leave now, Corentine? I should get to washing this dress."
18:30 FakemixRed "Yeah, you did your part Sara." Corentine says with a sick twisted grin
18:31 ThePolice Jan chokes through his sobs, desperately trying to swallow the taste of bile and metal adrenaline from his mouth without success. The stink, that biological stench of acid taken to air, drives him further into his full blown sickness. As Sara speaks, he wretches again momentarily, catching himself. Keen to listen, and kicking an idle leg across its
18:31 ThePolice counterpart, someone waits for Sara to leave.
18:33 SirGoldfish "Thank you. This was… interesting." She gets up and walks out of the room to the laundry mat. She mutters something about being almost sorry for Jan when she walks out.
18:36 FakemixRed "Right right, anyway, onto your punishment., for starters you will wear a patch that inhibits your powers for at least a week, maybe less if you stay on good behaviour. Next i'm going to have you take actual therapy for 3 months. Finally I would like to cut you a deal, you comply with all this and we can actually retrieve the real Bud, how does that sound?"
18:36 FakemixRed She says all in a single breath
18:37 ThePolice Jan still weeps, hard sobs shaking him, as his face, still buried in NotBud, watches Sara leave, and upon the door closing, and those distant, quiet steps barely audible above his own cacophony disappear, he solidifies. He rises, throwing his sweated hair from his eyes, and lets his head readjust, rolling it on his shoulders casually. Gripping NotBud tightly,
18:39 ThePolice He tears him apart mercilessly, letting the time rotten filling spill like filthy ichor. His tears plug them selves, no follow up, no sign of their previous outbursts but the redness and lingering wet. He smiles a wicked, wide smile, and tossing the remnants of to the floor throws one leg upon the other and sets his arms behind him on the back of the couch.
18:40 ThePolice "Go fuck yourself. You really did give things a good go, but Id say I'm a better actor by far."
18:41 ThePolice He says this, no tremble, no sign of pain, his smile widening. "Counter offer time. You fuck off, and I keep playing nice for as long as it doesn't kill me to do so. Don't try this 'real Bud' angle either. I don't care."
18:42 FakemixRed The woman just sighs as if she's just received a large stack of papers. "You get this 1 warning Mr.Torrez, you would be wise to not try anything like this again, kids are surprisingly annoying to find a good coffin for." She says as she gets up and leaves.
18:44 ThePolice "I'm glad we could come to an agreement!" He says just above a shout, for everyone in the hall to hear. His smile widens, a full beaming grin.
18:47 ThePolice "Oh! And one more thing!" He says as she reaches the door. "All inns are always favored to those with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Thanks for teaching me what you did today."

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