The Dangers of Archery

<EndPhone> "Alright, here's your bow." Sara had recruited Jane to learn stuff, and today was the start of archery week. "So, let's start by seeing you knock an arrow"

<BobaFettuccine> "Uhm, o-okay." Jane's /read/ all about archery, but sometimes putting knowledge into practice is a little tricky. She fumbles wih the arrow for a moment and manages to knock it properly on the second try.

<EndPhone> "Alright. Good job." Sara pulls Jane's arm a bit further back "Don't worry about snapping the string, because you won't. You want all the power you can get."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods, she hadn't worried about that at all, she knew the rough breaking point of most bowstrings was around 1080 pounds of pressure. A lot more than she could exert. If anyone did pull a string too hard they'd be most likely to break the bow itself, not the string. She knew all that, and yet she still couldn't figure out how to properly hold the damn arrow. She adjusts her grip on it and the string a few times before deciding to hold the arrow between the first and second finger with three fingers total on the string. She then drawss the string back as far as she can and aims at the target.

<EndPhone> "To guide the arrow, rest it on your fingers holding the bow. That'll steady your aim a lot"

<BobaFettuccine> That seems to make sense, Jane steadies her grip yet again and rests one end of the arrow over her fingers that are gripping the front of the bow.

<EndPhone> "Alright. Now you aim. Remember to keep the ark of the arrow in mind."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods again, and releases her breath before letting the arrow fly, aaaand it misses the target completely, going off to the left of it.

<EndPhone> "Alright. Here, you want to adjust where you're holding the bow a little…" Sara fidgets with Jane's exact finger placements before raising the bow to be right next to her head "Be careful not to adjust a little and hit your ear."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane tries again, with marginally better results, but she still misses the target and the arrow still pulls to the left. If Sara is looking closely she'll notice that at the last moment, Jane's fingers are snatching the string just a little instead of giving it a smooth release.

<EndPhone> "The problem is that you're messing with the string's release. You have to let go all at once."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane frowns and complies with the instructions, getting better results this time. SHe hits the target, she aimed a little high, overcompensating for the arc of the arrow and hits barely in the very outside ring at the top of the target.

<EndPhone> "One pointer. don't see those often. Well, aim down a bit more, and you've probably got it."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane's a quick study and it looks like she's getting the hang of this, her fourth shot lands only about a foot up from the bulls-eye.

<BobaFettuccine> (Hands-breadth, not a foot)

<EndPhone> "Getting close, I see! That looks like a 7 or an 8, I think."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane frowns, she really thought that she'd been on target that time. She knocks another arrow, this time much more smoothly than she had the first time and draws, releasing and hitting the target only about two inches down and to the left of it's center.

<EndPhone> "You're getting good. Try breathing out a little as you shoot, and take your time. Imagine how it'll fly if you shoot it like you are, and see if it feels right." Sara demonstrates with her own shot, taking her time before releasing, and getting wishing a centimetre of the centre

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods and does as she's told, not getting quite as good of a hit as Sara does, but still getting pretty close.

<EndPhone> "Now you're getting the hang of it~"

<BobaFettuccine> She turns to grin at Sara, "T-thanks! U-u-um My fingers hurt." She shakes the fingers on her hand that's been pulling the bowstring back.

<EndPhone> Sara chortles a little "Well, you get used to it. Need a break?"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane hides her frown from being laughed at by tilting her head forward and letting her hair fall across her face. She shakes her head and turns back to fire another arrow at the target, being a little hasty and scoring a 5 point hit to the left of the center.

<EndPhone> "You'll get it soon, don't worry. Most of it now is adjusting your shot based off the last."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane is glad that Sara hasn't noticed she's upset. She fires another couple of arrows, each one getting closer to the bullseye. She keeps firing, making little adjustments for a few minutes while Sara watches.

<EndPhone> Sara fires her own, but she's keeping a close eye on Jane. "You're doing really good. Most people don't improve this fast."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods, with a grim determined smile, continuing to fire at the target, occasionally going out to collect her arrows. After about 10 minutes of this, little red splotches start dripping to the floor from where Jane is firing.

<EndPhone> Sara notices "Jane, stop!" Sara inspects her hand for the bleeding she knows is there.

<BobaFettuccine> The skin on the index and middle fingers of her right hand is torn pretty badly, a tiny bit of white showing where the string had dug through to the bone after she'd kept firing even when she'd started to bleed. Jane is frowning and trying to hide behind her hair still.

<EndPhone> Sara looks horrified "Oh my god, I didn't realize it was this bad! Bring us to the infirmary right now, Jane!" She sounds dead worried

<BobaFettuccine> Jane tries to pull her hand back to her side. "D-d-doesn't h-hurt too, uhm, too bad. I c-c-can keep going."

<EndPhone> "No, you can't! It doesn't hurt because all the nerves are gone! I'm serious, we need to take care of this now!"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods and teleports them both to the infirmary, Sara might notice that even the blood spots that Jane leaves on the floor are a little blurry.

<EndPhone> Sara immediately flags down a staff "She needs healing for her fingers! You can see the bone!"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane meanwhile just tries to stay out of the way and not bother the infirmary staff. Which she's good at doing, if it weren't for Sara, nobody would have noticed her. The staff sit them on a bed and leave for a few moments to go grab supplies. Then a few minutes pass and no one has come by yet.

<EndPhone> "I didn't realize you were letting the string take skin like that. That's terrible…" Once Sara realizes the problem, she gets another staff, and stays with them to make sure they treat Jane

<BobaFettuccine> Jane frowns as they treat her, hissing with pain as they clean the wound, to Sara she says. "You laughed when I said they hurt. You were right, I got used to it, it didn't hurt as much towards the end there." She seems to be able to speak without her usual stutter when distracted by the pain.

<EndPhone> "Nonononono! That's not what I meant! You're supposed to let go all at once, and it shouldn't really damage your skin at all. I thought you meant from it pressing in a little when you hold it tight. This is actually serious. Don't keep doing something if you start bleeding, Jane." Sara was clearly still freaking out a little.

<BobaFettuccine> Jane is actually surprisingly calm. It's just blood after all. "I'm f-fine Sara. Pushing hard is how y-you get g-g-good at something right?"

<EndPhone> "This isn't pushing hard, this is refusing to speak up as you destroy your hand. You really need to just completely let go of the string. Otherwise you're, you know, exposing the fucking bone."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane just looks down and stays quiet. She doesn't really know how to deal with someone yelling and swearing at her so she tries to hide behind her hair as the doctor finishes up with her hand.

<EndPhone> Sara realizes at that hint that she sounds like she's berating Jane "Oh god, I'm sorry, I sound like a fucking jerk. It's not your fault. Just, I'm really worried for you, you know? I don't want anything bad to happen."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane looks up through her hair, the doctor finishes and gives Jane a couple instructions telling her not to use those fingers for anything strenuous for the next couple of days. Jane says to Sara, "I-I'm sorry." She blinks away a few tears. "I j-just wanted to be g-g-good enough." The doctor wanders out of the room, apparently having forgotten why he had come in there in the first place.

<EndPhone> "Oh, Jane, that's not what matters the most!" Sara hugs the girl "You shouldn't hurt yourself like this! It's not good for you. I'm so sorry I made you think you had to…"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane hugs her back, burying her face in Sara's shoulder. "I'm sorry" She says once again.

<EndPhone> "The only person that deserves any sort of apology is you. I'm sorry I indirectly pushed you into this."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane shakes her head, "N-n-no it was me being d-dumb and now I've made you feel bad. I'm so stupid!" She smacks her forehead with her palm, angrily.

<EndPhone> "Jane, stop it! I don't want you feeling bad! We should just learn from this experience and move on. And never feel our relationship is based off your abilities."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods, finding it hard to talk right now. "I-I-I…" She trails off and just hugs Sara again.

<EndPhone> Sara hugs in silence for a bit, mentally debating if she should say it. "I love you, Jane."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane goes absolutely still, she… couldn't remember the last time anyone had said that to her. And she could remember everything that has happened to her since she was five. She can't help herself, she just starts crying and holds onto Sara tighter.

<EndPhone> "Am I really that bad?" Sara laughs a bit "I'm glad I've touched you so much"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane shakes her head and tries to speak through her sudden sobbing. "L-l-love…" More tears, "Too.."

<EndPhone> "I'm glad to hear that. Although, knowing you don't have many candidates for that…"

<BobaFettuccine> She takes a breath and manages to compose herself before sitting up and looking Sara in the eye, "It doesn't matter that I don't have a lot of people. You make up for that." Jane nods and goes back to hugging Sara tightly.

<EndPhone> "I'm glad to hear it~ So, I guess we're going to have to find down thing else to do, right?" Was that her main hand or off hand that got hurt?

<BobaFettuccine> Her main hand, the one drawing the string. "Uhm, y-yeah. Probably going to have to do s-s-something e-else." She grins sheepishly.

<EndPhone> "Maybe we can work on throwing? Off-hand skill is important, after all."

<BobaFettuccine> "y-y-yeah, that sounds ok-kay" She says, teleporting them back to the archery range.

<EndPhone> Sara blinks a bit "I'm sorry I drove you to do that…" Sara picks up their bows, and goes to return them "Should we give you a break for today?"

<BobaFettuccine> "I…" Jane looks down at her bandaged fingers. "T-think that m-m-might be best" She says quietly, "I'm t-t-tired. But w-will you stay w-w-with me?"

<EndPhone> "Sure, we can hang out more."

<BobaFettuccine> "I j-just. I need to rest. B-b-but I don't want to be alone." She seems to draw in on herself a little, talking in a smaller voice.

<EndPhone> Sara puts an arm around Jane's shoulders "Alright. I don't want you to feel bad or alone, you know?"

<BobaFettuccine> Aaaand suddenly they're in Jane's room, which is kinda dusty and lonely looking, it's got a few books on a desk, a barely used bed and that's about it.

<EndPhone> "Wow, this place is so bare… I should help you decorate… and dust"

<BobaFettuccine> "I, umm. D-don't spend much time here." She says softly, going to sit down on the bed and pulling a blanket from nowhere, wrapping it around herself. Had she always had that with her? Probably not. "S-s-s-sorry"

<EndPhone> "Don't be! Wait, right, you don't spend much time here, do you?"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane shakes her head. "N-n-no, mostly I'm in the F-forgotten when I'm not out d-d-doing something" she lies back, pulling five pillows and two more blankets out of nowhere and making herself a little nest on the bed.

<EndPhone> "That makes sense. You could always furnish this place if you wanted. I'm sure I can get my parents to spring a bit."

<BobaFettuccine> "I r-r-really don't need m-money to do that." She says and to demonstrate her point she sits up a bit and she's suddenly holding a rather large, dark purple bean-bag.

<EndPhone> "Oh, good! Well, then I guess you'll only need me for interior design~"

<BobaFettuccine> Jane chuckles just a little and sets the beanbag on the ground before nestling into her blankets and pillows. "D-d-did you want some?" She asks, offering a blanket to Sara.

<EndPhone> "I'm fine. I have this hoodie, after all~"

<BobaFettuccine> "B-b-but" And Jane's face is about as close to pouting as Sara has seen it right now.

<EndPhone> Sara chortles more "Okay, since you insist~ We can maybe cuddle a little, too."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods and grins, pulling more pillows and blankets from nowhere until they have a little pillow fort on the bed which she motions for Sara to curl up in.

<EndPhone> Sara indeed joins her, even if it feels a little awkward to cuddle her "I'm glad you're so happy, now."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane cuddles Sara right back, smiling softly and closing her eyes. "It's because of you" Wait had she really sed that? Oh god. She gets very red in the face and starts blushing before she burys her face in a pillow.

<EndPhone> "Yeah? I'm glad to hear it."

<BobaFettuccine> Jane nods and snuggles into Sara and the blankets, slowly drifting off to sleep. Turns out the magical healing that the nurse had done makes the subject really sleepy.

<EndPhone> Sara stays for a while after Jane falls asleep, then just awkwardly leaves. Hopefully Jane is very happy now

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