The Fox and the Deer

<LipstickThespian> She was bouncing on the balls of her feet, waiting as Katlyn did in this situations. Her hair was pulled down under her beanie, she didn't have a chance to shower this morning. Her fingers curled around the piece of folded paper in her hand, it was crumpled up by this point, a ball of anxiety she held as she waited outside the office. She had been following the two for a while, waiting for a chance to strike at Akemi. Rumors, they spread like wildfire, and had smelled the smoke long before this blaze had started. The girl with the fire in her heart had done something, and it was her chance. So, she waited.

<@Kioku> Akemi walks from the school building toward the dorms, swaying around the crowds and making fewer responses to others than usual - enough to still be seen as friendly and to still increase her following, work her way into the thoughts of the masses as her every action and mere presence does, but still giving less attention. Something's on her mind, that she doesn't /want/ to think about right now.

<LipstickThespian> She walked with a purpose, an awkward gait full of indecisiveness and the weight of her guitar on her back. Now? No, she's near some people. Now? No no, just up the corner of the path. There, by the tree, no one is looking. She throws the small crumpled up wad of paper with the dexterity of an artist's hand. It flying towards Akemi with a purpose, or at least in her general direction.

<@Kioku> How're those catlike reflexes today, Akemi? Catlike. She barely notices the paper coming, but a hand comes to catch it and she turns her head to see where it came from, in confusion. Is it for her, or did someone just decide to litter? She uncrumples it to find out.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stands there, a skip in her breath as she sees the girl catch it. It's still surprising to see it happen. On the paper is written, in large print, 'LETS GO.' After making sure she's opened it, Kat turns on her foot and starts in a brisk jog for the front gate.

<@Kioku> Akemi gets a confused expression, but the suddenly mobile girl catches her eye and she lets out a short laugh before giving chase.

<LipstickThespian> Kat isn't, you know, an athletic person. So by the time she's getting her anklet put on, it's almost certain Akemi has caught up. She glances over at the girl and smiles, giving a small wave as she heads out the gate at a walk this time.

<@Kioku> The guard would probably be getting tired of seeing Akemi today since she's already been out once for the morning run and to buy fish… but it's Akemi? Who would get tired of seeing her~? She smiles back at Katlyn and gets herself braced, following, curious what the girl has in mind. \Though… she was one of the main reasons, the breaking point for Wendy, wasn't she…? Even though Wendy didn't say anything… it hurt her to see us together… it probably still does…
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn guides Akemi along down the road, crossing her arms under her chest as she looks for the tree she marked earlier. After a minute, she finds it, pinned with a small string. She heads into the brush and starts to walk through the trees, glancing back at Akemi every now and then.

<@Kioku> Akemi raises her eyebrows. Katlyn planned this? Whatever… this is? A familiar bit of excitement creeps through Akemi and her heart beats a little faster. She does love to be chased, so if Katlyn's intentions here are romantic… though that's what Wendy was most afraid of, wasn't it? But she… she doesn't need her anymore, she has Jace. No matter what their feelings are… that's lost and gone. She may as well go along with this to see what Katlyn's plan is, what she has in mind, right? So conflicted…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn misses a few turns, and has to back tack at one point, but eventually gets Akemi to a clearing with a downed tree near the edge of it. She pulls of her guitar, and sets it and her bag by the tree. Stepping over to Akemi, she looks at her with anxious eyes. Holding a finger up to her lips, she purses them and mimics a shush, reaching over to hold the finger on Akemi's lips. A smile comes onto her face as she turns and walks over to the log to sit down, straddling it. Patting the log in front of her to indicate Akemi's spot.

<@Kioku> Akemi is well and truly silenced by the finger on her lips, staring back with wide eyes as she complies and sits where indicated. She doesn't want to interrupt this anyway, the private performance it looks like she's about to recieve. She smiles and her pulse slowly returns to normal. She should have expected music, and this is a nice place for it.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn makes a few quick motions with her hands, a language without sound and a sentence lost in the soft sounds of the forest. Life returning as spring comes around the corner. She digs into her bag and sets a small cloth tote in between the two, pulling out a brush and some familiar facepaint. There isn't a second to wait for permission, she just squirts some onto the brush and reaches over to start.

<@Kioku> Akemi's lips quirk up and she quickly closes her eyes, letting herself become Katlyn's canvas.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn has had chance to practice, and so this interpretation of the fox facepaint is even more carefully crafted than before. It's curt, well blended, and reflects her smile with smooth shading. She tosses the brushes back into her bag and smiles at the sight. Reaching over, she taps Akemi on the shoulder before she goes to dig around in her bag again.

<@Kioku> Akemi opens her eyes, humming happily and letting out a slight giggle - she hopes it's dry enough already. This is actually fun for her, being painted up by someone so talented.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn sets a seperate bag in between them, one filled with different colored paints. She digs into it and pulls out a sheet she had made a while ago, opening it and offering it and a brush to Akemi. On the page is a drawing of Kat's own face, with the carefully painted visage of a deer facepainting on it. It's detailed, with little lines explaining the direction of brush strokes and which color to use for each spot (each tube is numbered). She glances between the page, and Akemi, expectantly.

<@Kioku> Akemi giggles again and nods. She can only say she's talented in two forms of visual art; the totally abstract, incomprehensible… and the kind using the medium of blood for paint. Still, her hands are steady and her movements precise. She just has to pretend and imagine that the paintbrush is a knife, and she'll be able to follow the instructions without issue. \Not that I'd want to cut up that beautiful face~
<LipstickThespian> Kat closed her eyes and waited, she was a good canvas. She had used enough to know that sitting perfectly still was somewhat important. Her hands fidget with the edge of the cloth bag as she feels the brush, held by someone else for once, run across her skin.

<@Kioku> Akemi makes the thinnest lines along the borders of where she's meant to paint each color, humming softly to herself, and filling in the area when she feels she's ready before moving on. It is, of course, not nearly as wonderfully stylistic as Katlyn's own brushwork, but she captures the image quite well, bringing the drawing to the face before her.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn opens her eyes as the brush strokes come to a slow and a stop, looking at Akemi as her face grows into a bright smile. Her very own pet fox, what a wonderful day to frollick in the forest. She leans over and digs through her bag again before she pulls out a headband, with a pair of ears she'd crafted herself that match the shade of burnt orange on Akemi's face. As well as a small tail to clip on the back of her skirt. She offers both to the girl. She may have planned this out.

<@Kioku> Akemi blinks and tilts her head. "I could use my own, you know~" She giggles and takes them anway, putting them on. \They wouldn't match this color if I did though, and I don't think I can manifest just one tail. Plus it'd look quite odd if someone from the town is out here.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks down to hide her smile. She would like that, it's always fun to see those little motes of light around Akemi. Not just now, not for this play. Reaching into the bag she pulled down a small headdress for herself, made of twigs and flowers and a pair of small antlers. She set it on her head, after taking off her beanie. It had been crafted over the years and was something she kept to herself. That and the small cloth tail she had bought on etsy.

<@Kioku> Akemi springs up to crouch on the log rather than sit on it, staring at Katlyn with… well… a rather foxlike expression, truth be told. \I wonder what now? Shall we dance?
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn puts her things away and stands up off the bench. She reaches down and took her shoes off, setting her feet onto the soft dead ground. Her brown tights made a little more sense, as did her grey tartan skirt, and her brown hoodie with the white shirt poking out underneath. She might have planned this. Taking a few careful steps back away from the log, she looks at Akemi with that same goofy smile on her face. Her hand lifting up in a careful beckon.

<@Kioku> Akemi's smile turns somewhere between flirty and predatory in a way that sends shivers of anticipation down the spine, and she slowly approaches with an almost hypnotic sway in her step. Sadly she's not as dressed for this, but her natural… foxiness makes up for it.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glances away as she lets the smile wash down her spine and electrify her. She steps deftly through the leaves on the tips of her toes, her arms held out as they flowed with her slow gait around the clearing. Stealing glances at the sly fox as she moved around, always just out of reach.

<@Kioku> Akemi slips her shoes off after a couple of steps, leaving them beside Katlyn's… though she doesn't seem to notice /how/ she does it, feet phasing through her socks at the same time as the shoes come off. She keeps watching, keeps puruing in the playful chase. And soon she's actually thinking of Katlyn as her prey, a little…

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's eyes glance down to the shoes slipping off, it takes her off her step and she slows a bit as she thinks she saw it happen. Then it hits her, and her eyes go wide as she looks up at Akemi. A predator carefully tracking her, keeping it's eyes on her and looking at her in a way to make her feel a breath of life. She turns and starts off, brushing past a tree as she starts to flee through the oak trees from the lithe fox behind her.

<@Kioku> A giggle echoes through the trees, seeming to come from all around as Akemi chases her silly prey. Poor Katlyn, you can't escape~ Soon, you'll be caught, you won't even want to flee anymore. Akemi is on the ground, then in the trees, tracking the deer-girl with graceful steps and barely a sound, aura slowly starting to surface. It's okay, hesitate, you know you don't really want to run, right? Just let her catch you, you'll enjoy it so much~

<LipstickThespian> It followed it quickly, it was on her tail and wouldn't let up. Akemi was playing with her, frollicking through the trees with her as she ran around the bushes and branches with eyes set forward. Her breathing was starting to catch up to her, she needed to escape the slowly encroaching fox and her little laugh. Sliding down a bank, splashing through and inch deep brook, then up the other side. A thorn catching her leg as she made it back into the trees, a trickle of blood leaving a trail for a hungry fox. What could she hope, escape from Akemi was a dream, but she had to run from her. Had to try and escape.

<@Kioku> Why escape, why run? There's nothing to be afraid of~ Why not just give in~? Akemi is still there… or somewhere. It may be hard to keep track, but she's near, you can /feel/ it. Soon she'll be upon you, if this turns from a game to something more real. The giggle echoes again, and then there she is, dropping from a branch to land right in front of Katlyn with a sly smirk.

<LipstickThespian> She can only spare a glance to the side, or one behind her, as Katlyn ran through the trees. Have to flee, to get away, that feeling of leering eyes and playful thoughts around her. She stumbles as Akemi drops down in front of her, catching herself after a second as she holds her arms up at her sides. Her chest rises and falls as she takes heavy breaths. Eyes bright and wide as she looks at the Fox in front of her. Then, as if to break herself from being frozen, she takes a careful step back that's punctuated by the crunching of the leaves.

<@Kioku> Akemi hums softly and matches the step, sliding forward… just a little farther than Katlyn stepped back, just a little. She's still playing, not going for the catch quite yet. She wants Katlyn's will to falter, she wants the girl to come to her willingly, to /let/ herself be captured. It's so much less fun any other way~

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn glanced down at the ground as she feels the girl get just a little closer. She could never hope to get away, but there would always be the chase. There's a quick glance behind herself, and then she's off again back the way she came. Her movement is a little slower, and her fatigue is showing. There's no escape, there was never a chance of it.

<@Kioku> Akemi grins and gives chase, keeping to the forest floor this time, matching step for step mostly, but sometimes disappearing to the side, behind a tree or the like. Gotta keep her prey guessing~ And by the time they get back to where they started, maybe she'll be convinced, maybe she won't want to flee anymore. Akemi just knows she'll like the first touch, and won't keep running after that~

<LipstickThespian> Kat stumbles, once on a branch and again because of a bush. It's as she's sliding down the bank she slides and falls on her back, landing with her legs in the brook and looking up at the tree tops above. Her hand grab at the soft ground as she tries to push herself up.

<@Kioku> Akemi hops to a stop, spinning to stare head-tilted at Katlyn. With a soft purr she approaches and leans down… offering the girl a hand, such an easy and kind way to get her back to her feet. "Don't worry, little deer~ Trust me~"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn stops as she's moving to get up, watching the little fox stare down at her with mischievous eyes. She holds a hand up, a finger over her lips at the softly spoken words. Then slips it over to take Akemi's offered hand to pull her out of the mud.

<@Kioku> Akemi purrs again and smiles more, pulling Katlyn up and then keeping the hand, using it to pull the two of them closer together and to wrap her other arm around her waist. Those eyes are just asking to be watched, to have you just stay there, relax for her. How could she possibly be dangerous? She'll just hold you… right?

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn gets up, her feet sinking into the soft ground as she's pulled up against Akemi. Her eyes are both bright with the excitement of it all, caught in the sly Fox's gaze and entranced by it. Not even caring enough to brush the specks of mud off her cheek as she looks at Akemi. A hand laying softly on Akemi's chest as she looks at her, is held by her, is trapped by her.

<@Kioku> Akemi keeps holding her gaze, keeps smiling, she knows she's caught her. She moves them even closer together, teasing Katlyn with brushes against her body, with hands that hold her in place, with eyes that seem to glow and glimmer faintly in the light. She pulls Katlyn's hand to her hip to rest, and reaches up to adjust the other, the one on her chest, to a position meant to entrap the attention of its owner even further. She leans in a little closer, running her tongue along her lips as she watches and waits to see how Katlyn reacts.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's face returns the smile, a small curl of her lips as she watches Akemi with an uncertainty, of what she'll never know. Her hands move with the small guidance, her fingers curling around Akemi's hip and coming to rest back by her tail. She is willing prey, destined to her fate, caught by a predator of her own design. Leaning her head forward, she touches it against Akemi's, brushes it playfully like a fawn would it's protector.

<@Kioku> Akemi moves against Katlyn more, pleased with the circumstance. She has her prey wanting to be caught and kept, at least she believes so. She holds the girl close, but it's far too late to contemplate escape anyway. She returns the head brush, and moves her lips mere millimeters from her deer's before pulling back. Her body has already taken and eliminated the smell of the paint, replacing it with her own natural scent so that she can tease Katlyn with every sense.

<LipstickThespian> They're close, tucked away near that small brook as they stand on soft wet earth in the cold dying days of Winter. Katlyn holds onto Akemi, her sly little fox that always caught her eyes, she leans against her as she feels the teasing brush of fingers along her and tight grips. A soundless whimper escapes her as Akemi's lips are brought so close, only to be pulled away. Her body shivers with the anticipation of it. She leans in, not wanting to steal it, but to offer herself fulling. To make it so easy, to give Akemi herself willingly. She was high, and she didn't know it.

<@Kioku> This is what she was waiting for, to have her prey surrender, to give herself willingly. A hand creeps up Katlyn's neck and fingers tangle in her hair as Akemi leans back in, and gives the other's lips the lighest touch with her own. An invitation to offer her heart, to be hers. A temptation to let the last bit of resistance crumble. A promise to make it all worthwhile.

<LipstickThespian> It's like a relief to be invited in like this, by a playful fox she's daydreamed about for many afternoons. Her hair is taken, and Katlyn savors the sweet rose drenched touch of their lips. She leans forward to Akemi, stays with her guiding hands as her fingers grip softly onto the nimble girl like she might slip away. Lips parted slightly as she looks to her for solace in a cold and dead forest. In that moment she is Akemi's, in that glade by the brook, and that Fox is hers.

<@Kioku> That seems to be what's on Akemi's mind as well. "Mine~" she whispers enticingly, with her power backing the word to make it feel like accepting it is simply the best idea. Then she closes the distance again, pressing their lips together in what she intends to be a long, dazing kiss.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn knows it's true, she's Akemi's now and beyond. Their lips lock together and she's relieved to be rewarded with the wonderful kiss. Her fingers dig into Akemi's back as she holds onto her. The nimble fox and the timid deer, caught together in passion.

<@Kioku> Akemi keeps up the embrace, the kiss, the relentless pressure of influence on Katlyn's subconscious, as long as she can. She's caught her prey, and she isn't letting go~ And when she's through, the girl will never want to leave her, the pleasure her actions and even mere presence brings. Akemi's lost herself to the chase, and right now she's determined to draw Katlyn in and make her forever willingly caught.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn slips her lips off, after more than a chorus of their duet. She takes a step back, but doesn't let go of the girl. Her stocking covered foot slips in the soft ground and it slides forward, under Akemi, as her body slips and falls down back onto the soft ground. All the while not letting go of Akemi, pulling her along as she falls.

<@Kioku> Akemi takes a quick breath as she's pulled to fall forward, over Katlyn, but doesn't protest. No, this is just as good of a position to entrap her further. She lands on her knees, straddling the girl and still smiling as she swoops down to kiss her neck and giggles.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes a breath as she lands down next to the creek, with the fox Akemi straddles over her. The swift motion, the kiss on the neck, like she's feeding on the felled deer. It's enough to make her squirm on the ground in excitement, rub her thighs together, and wrap her arms around Akemi's back to hold her there.

<@Kioku> Akemi keeps kissing along Katlyn's neck, her shoulder, then up to her ear before pulling her head back to stare into her eyes once more. She shifts forward, then back with her body once to flare out her skirt instead of having it tucked together between her legs, and nips Katlyn's lip.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shifts with every little kiss, the track up along her neck making the girl dirty herself on the ground even more in enjoyment. Only the soft rustling of leaves and her clothing proclaiming her excitement. Her eyes trace down to watch the skirt flare, and she's caught by the teeth on her lip. She shudders at the bite, squirms a bit from it as her mouth opens in quiet joy.

<@Kioku> Akemi nibbles a little, then attacks Katlyn's mouth once more, this time more passionately. She arches her back to give Katlyn a more enticing view if she happens to look, but also to put her hips further out of reach. She certainly doesn't want things to go /too/ far after all, and she is the hunter here, the one in control. Mustn't compromise that by falling into her own trap, or letting her prey distract her.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles as her lip is nibbled, the playful biting and the teasing pinches. As she's kissed again, her hair splays across the ground and the leaves below her crunch. She tries to reply, to meet the assault with soft retorts of her own lips. One hand slips up to hold Akemi's neck, to run up into her hair. The other goes down and finds a nice spot on the girl's hip to hold. It's her leg, bending up and the dirty cut tights rubbing against the inside of Akemi's that betrays her desire.

<@Kioku> Akemi shivers and keeps the kiss going as long as she dares before trying to break it again. She can't help but make a pleased hum at Katlyn's reactions to her, and how responsive she is and how far this is from her flight earlier. "You want this to happen again, don't you~?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn breaths softly as she recovers from the kiss, and everything the girl has given to her here. She glances away from Akemi at the question, looking over towards the creek as she tries to feign some innocence in the matter. She didn't want to be caught, well, maybe a little.

<@Kioku> Akemi watches, waits, then leans down to kiss Katlyn's neck again, going up it until she nibbles on her ear lightly. "Don't you~?" she breathes in a warm whisper.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn shifts under Akemi, lets the kisses run up her neck. At the nibble she jolts a bit, grabbing where she was holding Akemi's thigh. Closing her eyes as she lets her mind wander to a wonderful scene of violent passion. She nods her head, she really liked this, she really wanted it.

<@Kioku> "Stay mine," Akemi whispers, "and I'll /ensure/ it does~" Akemi nibbles again, then kisses back down, always feeling for another nod, hoping to get it.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is just an animal thrashing under that little Fox's nibble and the soft patter of kisses. Her head nods her, anything to keep this feeling. To be able to share herself with someone, to be a part of a lively brush in the woods.

<@Kioku> Akemi purrs and goes to reward Katlyn with another deep kiss, lowering herself down to mostly rest atop her… though to call it resting wouldn't be quite accurate, since she does undulate against her. It seems like her goal is to drive the girl mad, then leave her wanting even more, to get her addicted. She'd love to do this again, or have other adventures together whatever they may be, but ultimately she wants to stick in Katlyn's mind, never to be driven out, always to be thought of somewhere in the back of her conciousness.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn cherishes the kiss as Akemi comes down to rest on top of her, she soaks in it as she wraps her arms tightly around Akemi and holds her there. She was long past the point of anxiety, the fear of being prey and caught pushing away her worry as she lays under the girl and feels her movements. This is bliss.

<@Kioku> The time they lie together that way with continued ministrations is immeasurable by any precise means, but even bliss such as this must end… temporarily. Akemi certainly doesn't want to get up until she's sure she's thoroughly ensorceled Katlyn with her words, her scent, the taste of her lips, and most of all her touch. "Come," she whispers, trying to get them up. "Others might wonder, and we need to get clean. Perhaps we'll bathe together~?"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is content to spend their time together on the ground, in the dirt together. It's as she's spoken too that the weight of the world comes back onto her. It can't just be this, can it? Out here in the forest together, the two of them experiencing the wonder of nature and each other's bodies. She sits up, but she's lost that smile and her face starts to show the same anxiety that always comes.

<@Kioku> Akemi notices the loss of the smile and tilts her head, leaning in to place a soft but brief kiss on those lips in the hope of bringing it back, and consciously pushing her power just a little to try and calm her.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn enjoys the kiss, she really does, the smile flashes on her lips as she feels the flames of excitement tease her again. Something in her is just filled with worry about a thousand things, and her eyes look anywhere but at Akemi, she doesn't want to share these feelings.

<@Kioku> Akemi nibbles Katlyn's lip quickly and then pulls away, tilting her head. She's confused by the mix of emotions she's tasting, and why… why this girl always seems to become jumpy or worried after their time together, no matter what they happened to do. "Maybe you'll enjoy the chase more next time if I vanish right now, though…?" \I don't think she wants me to leave… but I don't think she wants to be around me either.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn's body twitches at the nibble, it's just the nicest feeling in the world, in that moment and with her. Small little bites and touches that take her out of it. Her eyes look back up to Akemi, trace down her face and the worry becomes all too real. A hand reaches up and grabs at her skirt, holds the fabric, holds her there. She wants so much more, she can't lose her now.

<@Kioku> Akemi looks down at the hand holding her skirt and giggles, stepping toward Katlyn and barely brushing their bodies against each other while leaning forward with her face to look curiously into those eyes of her, so different in expression and appearance. "Or I could just never leave," she whispers, watching the reaction.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn returns the look, indecisiveness in her eyes as she watches the girl step over. That would be nice, that would be really nice. She can't, she can't do this. She's going to fuck it up. Kat lets go of Akemi's skirt and turns away, she splashes through the creek and heads up the other bank. There's no way they can just stay together, Akemi doesn't want that, truly. She fucked up.

<@Kioku> Akemi watches Katlyn flee, but internally smiles a little. She's hooked, she wanted to keep her… \And that means I'll be able to tempt her, reel her in again, catch her and make her want me more each time until she can't resist anymore at all. One day I'll have you~ And you'll never want to run again…
<LipstickThespian> She was running, but she still didn't know why. Well, she knew why and she hated herself for it. Her feet hurt, her body ached, and she was tired. She stopped when her breath hurt and slid down against a tree. Why did she even think she should do this, what was she even hoping to accomplish. She's alone, and injured, and wishes she could just end it there. Her eyes watch the slow movement of the wind through the trees, and she is silent.

<@Kioku> After the first five seconds or so of just watching, Akemi starts walking to follow, trying to track Katlyn. She… isn't exactly a great tracker or anything, but she has the advantage of getting a sense of when she starts to get close. And she knows Katlyn won't leave her guitar, shoes and art supplies, so if all else fails, she can wait for her by those… if she can remember the way. Finally, she finds the girl and begins to approach. She looks so sad, so exhausted. \She needs comfort; she needs me.
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn is too focused on her thoughts, she's too pulled away from it all. Her hands deep in her hoodie's pockets as she watches the branches sway. She just wanted to be somewhere else, something else. The careful little deer living a life of simplicity in the forest. At least then, she would be able to see the predators. There were no foxes in sheep's clothing out here.

<@Kioku> Akemi keeps flowing forward until she's right next to Katlyn, crouching beside her and wrapping her up in her arms. "Let me take care of you…" she whispers, and it's clear she means it. And is willing to take her away from reality with another round of kissing in order to make her accept.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn jolts a bit as she's pulled into Akemi's arms. She closes her eyes as the silken words wrap around her. It might not be so bad, she might enjoy it a lot. Leaning against Akemi and staying quiet, she has to struggle, she can't just fold.

<@Kioku> Akemi rubs Katlyn's back and side as she holds her, as she's leaned into. "Just stay," she whispers soothingly. "Just let me keep you~ I promise you'll like it~" She presses a kiss to Katlyn's neck and adjusts her grip, trying to pick her up.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn respons to the soft rubbing by leaning further into her. She could be okay with that, just being Akemi's. But no one was just Akemi's, she knows that, she knows it can't just be her. The kiss makes her forget her worries for another second. She isn't heavy, she's a thin girl who doesn't weight much. It's not like she is an unwilling participant, her arms wrap around Akemi and she holds onto her.

<@Kioku> Akemi smiles and stares at Katlyn and starts walking back to where they left their shoes, pausing to kiss her on the lips every time she starts to seem like she might have second thoughts. She's tempted, ever so tempted to push more power into the kisses than just the tiny bit that naturally leaks through, but refrains. \You'll learn to love this, to love being mine. I'll catch you, wrap you up, keep you.\ "Never push me away," she murmurs imploringly as they're about to reach the log they sat on to paint.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn has many second thoughts on the way, but the soft touch of Akemi's lips keeps her from fleeing again. It was enough to make the heart flutter and make their walk through the woods easier. She doesn't answer the command, it's enough to make her chest suck in and her eyes water up. This is it, she's going to be a problem for Akemi. With a brush of her hand and a movement of her legs, she declares her intent to get down on her own, to stand away from Akemi.

<@Kioku> Akemi responds with a nip at Katlyn's neck before she sets her down and goes to wipe off her feet and put her socks and shoes back on. She'll pay extra attention to them when she showers after they get back. But the worry stays in her mind; she responded by trying to get away. That's… that's okay. \It's okay if it takes a while to condition her into being mine, being a good girl for me~
<LipstickThespian> Katlyn squirms at the small nip, brushing a hand on the spot as she's set down. She heads over to her things and kneels down on the ground next to them. Taking her time to pack up her paints and things in her bag. There's a looming sense of regret and loss around her, she doesn't want to go back, to return to civilization.

<@Kioku> Akemi gets her footwear on quickly and efficiently, and waits for Katlyn, leaning toward her as she packs. "I'd love to do this with you again~ Maybe you'll be my predator next time." She giggles and starts humming a tune.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn answers with a shrug as she digs through her bag. She eventually sits down onto the ground, against the log as she does this. She looks up to Akemi after a while and gives a courteous smile and a small wave to her, before going back to her fiddling.

<@Kioku> Akemi tilts her head and blinks. "Mmm? You'd prefer to stay out here? I could stay too…"

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head as she looks back down at her lap, having pulled out her sketchbook and a pencil. There was still sunlight, and looking like she did, still covered in dirt and in another persona. Well it wasn't her plan to be known as 'the weird deer girl' around school.

<@Kioku> Akemi sits down next to Katlyn and leans gently against her. She'll stay, calm down from the thrill of the chase, and maybe let her prey - err, friend get a little more addicted to her presence… she doesn't have to suppress herself all the time, right? It's still the real, all-natural her, so it's okay to let just a little more of that shine through while they're alone and just relaxing together.

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn starts to flip through her sketchpad, stopping for a second as Akemi leans onto her. This isn't exactly what she imagined, but it was still nice to feel her around. Maybe she liked that the girl was there, and that close, and making the clearing feel a little more intimate. She pulls her tight covered legs up, dirty and slightly ripped from their flirt, and sets her sketchpad there.

<@Kioku> Akemi holds Katlyn close, settling down to put her head on her shoulder. Maybe she'll nap out here, it's nice enough. And maybe she'll fix Katlyn's clothes later, she owes her a free sewing job after all that for sure. For now she'll just enjoy this though.

<LipstickThespian> Kat shifts a bit, leans into the clinging Akemi as she settles into her. Her eyes glance over at the girl laying against her, stealing a bit of her beauty to use. She started to sketch on the pad and let her thoughts wander. They could live out here together, forever, right?

<LipstickThespian> There in the small glade by the old moss covered log, the Fox and the Deer lay together. They could try as they might to fight against their nature, to act like they were something civilized. That the Deer could feel safe and let itself be calm. That the Fox could slow down and be gentle. Sunlight and soft breezes could make them dance together through the trees, but they couldn't change. The Deer would run and hide and try and slip away, but the Fox would chase her and strike her down. It was the nature of things. It was the nature of Akemi and Katlyn.

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