Getting Over Allison

Scene 1 (group), Theo
Anytime dating or a girlfriend is bought up to Theo, he completely dismisses it and immediately looks dejected. At one point he does mention to Desoph that he tells people he's nervous around girls as an excuse to shy away from the topic.

Scene 2, Training, Desoph & Theo
In which Desoph and Theodore begin training for their trip to Vietnam. They pound away at eachother for a while until Theodore stops and says he wants to tell Desoph some things. He says if he dies, he wants Desoph to carry on the band he's starting, as well as say goodbye to his mom, dad, brother, and (fuck it) even Allison and then begins to break down crying. Desoph eventually cheers him up, returning Theo's determination and begins to build him up.

Scene 3, Meeting for Vietnam, Desoph Sam & Theo
The trio plan their trip to Vietnam with Elspeth. At one point, Desoph tells Theo he SHOULD care if he dies, because Elspeth likes him and he shouldn't hurt the girl. At first Theo seems happy to hear about this, until he suddenly remembers Allison and becomes dejected. He seems better than previous times the girl was mentioned, but he still feels down and ultimately leaves after being probed for mental stuff.

Scene 4, Learn to be a Proper Lady, Quiln & Theo
In this scene, Theo starts off dancing in the music hall, when Quiln appears lost. Attempting to smash through the window and break stuff, Theo desperately hops on her and tries to stop her, causing her to begin morphing to dragon form. He uses grip to hold her wings down and tries to tell her to listen, and gain control of the situation. She refuses- slapping him over and over again with her tail, combined with the pain in his chest from Grip- and he barely holds on- until he remembers Allison and all their fighting and what she thought of his power. Eventually he gives in, sliding off the girl unconscious. They awake in the forest, Quiln in full dragon form. Theo stays around to wake her up when she returns to human mode, takes her back to the dorms, and makes her tea and tries to teach her how to drink. She throws a fit and breaks stuff, and Theo puts his foot down to listen. She refuses, saying she can eat those who disagree. He lays on the table and tells her to eat him- she bites his wrist but then stops. Eventually, she leaves

Scene 5, Date, Claudia & Theo
In this scene, Theo has his first date since Allison. They talk, go to the arcade, and halfway through he literally thinks 'Screw Allison' and enjoys his time with Claudia. They go back to his dorm later that night, where Claudia makes a beautiful garden in his room. The night, the garden, her are all so overwhelming it brings tears of joy to Theo's eyes. For the first time in 3 years- since he discovered his power- since his breakup- he finally feels truly happy and over Allison, ending the night with kissing Claudia.

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