Threats and Malicious Entities

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes those who shun said responsibility, or those who perhaps lack the conceptual awareness to recognize said responsibility.

Whether they seek destruction for its own sake, the acquisition of great and terrible power, or a seemingly noble goal paved with misery, there exists in this world powers that make the world just a bit less of a nice to live in. However they exist, whatever they do, it is up to us to make sure they cause as little suffering as possible. As such, Fifth Sanctum has compiled a list of troublesome entities, groups, and forces.

Note that, due to the nature of the world and how it interacts with itself, no singular species qualifies for this list. Odd as it may seem, even the most disturbing of cryptid species have developed as they did to serve a niche. To be listed here, said entities must fail to appeal to even the tiniest ecological niche, or, at the very least, the world must be objectively better off as a whole (not just in how it relates to sapient life) without said entities.


    • Aliases: Ona, The Terror of the Deep, Arkhmahsal to Hgan the Whale King, Little Queen Diane
    • Description: An entity described as "a cross between a lobster and a tube worm with a sea urchin for a head", Ona was an entity who served the interests of a thoughtform known as Hgan, or the Whale King. Known for her destructive tendencies, she is thought to be responsible for the destruction of at least one Greenlandic fishing village, possibly motivated by its coerced devotion to a personal rival. Aside from this, she is thought to have been a key player in a Thoughtform turf war that resulted in the mass deaths of residents of the town of Diane, Florida. Due to the actions of an unknown party, Ona perished. She is currently heralded as the town's mascot/
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