Town of Windvale

Down the hillside from Sunnybrook Academy, nestled in the forest of Pennsylvania, sits the Town of Windvale. A small town with a population of about ten thousand people, students are allowed to visit the town and enjoy all it has to offer. They are, however, restricted from using their powers there or face some consequences. The people of Windvale are simple folk, who give little mind to the odd school on the hill and the odd students that go there. If anything, Sunnybrook has given Windvale a new lease on life and has rejuvenated the sleepy mountain town.


Windvale has a highway running through it, a small two lane stretch that is the only way in and out of the valley it sits in. There is a road from the north part of town that leads a mile up to Sunnybrook. Most of the town is centered around a historical old downtown, but it is sparse and trees break it apart at every opportunity. There are more than a few locations within the town itself.

Windvale Park

Off the historic downtown, this part is the pride of the town. Rolling hills, nice paths to walk down, a playground. Benches in tucked away spots for lovers, and a smalls pond for friends to sit by. In the center is a bronze statue of the town's founder, Doctor Harry Flanagan. It is, however, rarely used by town fold despite it's quality.

The Rabbit Cafe

This small cafe is popular among students for the eccentricity of it's owner. Staff are required to wear maid costumes with bunny ears, and the decorum is very colorful and fun. It's tiny, but their selection of drinks and pastries are to die for. Hand crafted sweets, and artisan teas and coffee. The barista and owner's name is Shauna, her last name isn't known.

Kyle's Bookshop

A quiet and dark bookstore, the owner is known to be very opinionated. Their bible section along speaks to his ideals with how large it is. You can find everything from comics to biographies and beyond. There's always a sign saying he's hiring, he can't keep employees long.

Joe's Liquor and Gun Store

Seperated by a small door in the middle, one section is alcohol and assorted liquor. The other is an extensive gun store with every type and style you could hope to find. Attached to the back is a firing range for trying them out or practicing.

Twin Peaks

A chain restaurant where the standards for the treatment of women is low, but the spread of processed food is wide. Most of the town's downtrodden population can be found here.

University of Academics

A very generic college and the reason Windvale hasn't disappeared before this. It has a student union building with coffee shops, restaurants, and a convenience store. The college offers very basic degrees, nothing past bachelor for some odd reason. It also has a very large and extensive Library, but only students or staff are allowed to enter

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