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Pervasive Tropes:

  • Romantic Two Girl Friendship: A lot of the girls are close. Really close. Even if one or both of them don't intend for it to be a romantic relationship. Granted, a lot of them do intend that too…

Character Specific:

Charlie Small:

  • Nature Hero Charlie will gladly spend most of his time out in the forest, and using his nature based powers to solve problems .
  • Animal Talk While rare, he will sometimes not talk in English to animals, instead speaking in grrs, barks, tweets, and clicking noises. Normally to express emotions.
  • Neutral Good Charlie will do whatever he perceives as good and be as helpful as he possibly can. He is wholly ambivalent to the law and will break it or follow it as he sees fit, usually trying to adhere to law's standards.
  • Friend Too All Living Things Not only do most animals love him. He calls everyone he does not know (Or does not have a name if it is an animal) "Friend"

Samantha Roskowick:

  • Artificial Human All her parts were grown in vats then stitched together at a later date.

Maya Kingritch

  • Alpha Bitch She Alpha bitches over everyone all the time, kind of gross.
  • Weapon creation One of her powers, she usually follows this up with buffs that will break the weapon
  • Dirty Fighter She loves just fighting dirty to such an extreme that it often times becomes hilarious as she comes up with insane ways to cheat.

Austin Silver

  • The Nicknamer Has a slight obsession with distributing code-names to the other students.

Daniel Vitan

  • The Needless Daniel lacks most biological functions so, he can't eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. But, he wishes he could.
  • Volcanic Veins Whenever he casts magic, his veins light up based on the type of magic. Light blue for ice magic, bright purple for soul magic. Nifty!
  • Chill of Undeath He used to have an aura of cold that surrounded him. Now, he's only cold on the inside and when he has his frost blushes. Still, he's one cool undead.

Lisa Kawajiri

  • Body Horror: The spirits who inhabit her are…rather undone.
  • Shout Out: Her name and backstory are shout-outs to various Lisas in media, including P.T., Lisa: the Painful RPG, and the Simpsons. Her last name and abilities are a possible shoutout to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, King Crimson and Kosaku Kawajiri specifically.
  • True Neutral
  • The Woobie: Lisa…Lisa had a hard life. All of them.

Christopher Foulkrod-Townes

Leah Nasser

  • Chaotic Good: Somewhat irresponsible, but generally has the best in mind when it comes to things.
  • Informed Judaism: Justified, as Leah is [semi]secular.
  • Shout Out: Invoked by Leah herself. Leah named her vitality transference power "Emerson, Lake, & Palmer", after the naming style of stands from JJBA.
  • The Stoner: She'll claim it's for purely medicinal purposes, of course.

NPC Specific:

Run Specific:

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