Work Reform

WARD and WATC-H are dedicated to building a better tomorrow for their wards, these amazing students with equally amazing abilities. Their 'adult life preparation' program includes optional courses ranging from interview skills and resumes to tax preparation. A major part of this program, also meant to provide students with a degree of disposable income that they earn, is work-study jobs and career training.

Applications for jobs should be made here. Acceptance will depend primarily on skills, powers if applicable, handling code, and if references are listed or an interview is requested, demeanor and social ability. Those who demonstrably over-qualify for a job skill-wise should find the application process quick and easy, though they'll be reminded that this is not so true at all in the real world.

Note that Editor and Reporter /may/ take a Freelancer job as well if they like (and want to write 5 articles per month with the last 2 at lower pay).


  • Shifts may be assumed to be ~3 hours each unless otherwise noted. Some jobs may allow shifts at-convenience, in which case multiple shifts in a day is possible, though this does still use up multiple available shifts.
  • This page is a bit of a work-in-progress right now, as far as descriptions for the positions go. Hopefully you can infer something from the name and requirements though.
Position Description Details Slots
RA / Hall Monitor Charged with keeping an eye on their residence hall, serving as an intermediary between students and administration, and keeping their halls safe and clear. Provided with Networkless Smartphone and AR Glasses to assist in duties. Requires: no history of violence, ability to keep grades up, interview. Recommended: medical skill, social skill. Always On Call $7/day $49/week 1/2 Mary
Food Delivery Responsible for going to town, processing orders and delivering food orders to students and staff. Provided with bicycle and Networkless Smartphone to assist in duties. Recommended: athletic or parkour skill, endurance skill. Su/T/Th/F or M/W/F/Sa $10/shift $40/week 1/2 Garret
Office Clerk Assists around Sanctum offices. Varied duties. Requires: Interview. Recommended: willpower skill, computer skill. Convenience 2 16/shift $32/week 0/1
Secretary Answers phones, clerical work, handles scheduling and provides directions. Recommended: social skill, computers or research skill. Convenience 3 $13/shift $39/week 0/2
PR Assistant Aids the PR office with public outreach work. Research, communications, and awareness of world news and events. Requires: social +8, interview. Recommended: social +10, decent general understanding of anomalies. Convenience 1 $35/shift $35/week 0/2
IT Support Help maintain the school's IT infrastructure, provide computer help. Requires: computers +6. Recommended: research skill, technology power. Su/T/W/F or M/T/Th/Sa $12/shift $48/week 2/2 Diego, Kira
Teacher's Aide Aiding teaching staff with clerical duties, grading papers and tests, and assorted other duties. Requires: approval of teacher, interview, ability to keep grades up. Recommended: academics skill. Convenience 3 $14/shift $42/week 1/? Ellie
Library Aide Manning library desk, sorting books, handling returns and dues, and the like. Requires: no history of violence toward books. Recommended: research skill. M/W/F or T/Th/Sa $14/shift $42/week 0/2
Research Intern Assists WARD staff with research work. Requires: interview, research +6, analysis +6, magic analysis +4. Recommended: analysis +8, magic analysis +6. Convenience 2 $24/shift $48/week 0/3
Medical Intern Assists infirmary staff with assorted duties. Requires: interview, medicine +6. Recommended: medicine +10, healing power. Convenience 3 $16/shift $48/week 3/2 Conn, Claire, Evelyn
Art Model Can you sit still for hours on end? Congratulations! You can be an art model! Requires: interview. W $25/shift $25/week 0/2
Equipment Manager Keep an eye on school equipment, check in and check out gear, etc. Requires: no history of theft. Recommended: endurance skill. On Call 3 $12/shift $36/week 1/2 Maya
Janitorial Aux Help keep the Sanctum clean! Requires: N/A Recommended: Convenience 4 $10/shift $40/week 1/3 Michael
Gardening Aux Help keep the grounds beautiful. Requires: no history of violence toward plants. Recommended: academics skill, athletics or endurance skill. Convenience 3 $12/shift $36/week 0/2
Cafe Cook Do you enjoy cooking vast quantities of food? Now you can be paid for it! Requires: no history of violence, ability to cook, interview. Recommended: ability to cook wide variety of dishes from various regions. Convenience 2 $22/shift $44/week 2/4 Leah, Sandra
Dishwasher Dozens of students means lots of dirty dishes. Someone needs to make sure these get clean. Requires: no history of violence. Convenience 4 $10/shift $40/week 1/2 Quiln
Reporter / Columnist / Freelancer Writes articles of 400-1200 words for the school newspaper. Requires: something to write about, approval of each article. Also gives 1xp per approved article, taken from the monthly bonus pool. Self Set, up to 4 articles/month, may be paired with another job $50/article $200/month Open To All
Campus Safety Trainee Want to join Campus Safety? Start here! You'll need the training and experience with light duty. Provided with Networkless Smartphone and AR Glasses to assist in duties. Requires: no major disciplinary history, no instability, willpower +4, physical defense +4, attack skill +4, perception +6, parkour or athletics +2, interview. Recommended: ?? On Call 3 $14/shift $42/week 1/3 Daniel
Campus Safety Are you a skilled fighter? Are you brave and responsible, ready to help the security staff with keeping your fellow students safe? You too can be a campus safety officer! Provided with Networkless Smartphone and AR Glasses to assist in duties. Requires: no major disciplinary history, no instability, willpower +6, physical defense +6, attack skill +6, perception +6, parkour or athletics +4, interview, 1-4 months experience as Campus Safety Trainee. Recommended: ?? On Call 3 $17/shift $51/week 2/2 Athene, Gungnir
Job Descrip Days $/shift $/week 0/

Town Jobs

Kitty Cat Cosplay Cafe Konichiwa! =^.^= Welcome to the Cosplay Cafe! This authentic Nippon style cafe is the perfect place for a cup of tea and some companionship. From the comfortable low tables, to the cozy couches, and all the wonderful themed decor you might wonder if it was taken straight from the best parts of Tokyo! You'll learn how to make and serve drinks, prepare pastries, and entertain guests. Two authentic kawaii maid uniforms are given, tights or stockings must be provided by the employee! Kitty Cat headbands and tails will also be provided, as well as a collar with bell on request. Remember, your job is to make every guest feel like the Emperor (of a neko empire)! Convenience 3 $11/shift $33/week 4/4
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